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It’s finished!
I know it’s been delayed so I’m grateful for you sticking with me on this. The Things We Leave Behind is finished and I’m currently putting the play aids together in a manner suited to Dean Engelhardt’s fine work. The supplementary PDFs should be with you in a week or two (roughly around the time the PDF of the book is on general release) but your backer copy of the PDF should be with you today!
Take a look at the PDF and let us know if you find any errors. That way, we can change the file before printing.
Thoe who didnt back will have the opportunity to buy the PDF in a fortnight 🙂
ia, ia, Shub-Niggurath!

Words, words, WORDS! and a map.

Hi everyone,

Just a quick update to say that August’s preliminary text is in. I’m currently going over it with notes and comments. It’s looking good!

Also, here’s the first of the updated maps. I’m thinking on whether villages should go on there (they’d be unnamed) and of any other points of interest. Constructive comments welcome but this is probably going to be the final look minus some tweaks.

Let me know what you think… only another 35 to go!


Funding Met!

Our ‘Distant Realms’ kickstarter (a gazetteer about the world of Leviathan) made its funding and that means we should have a physical book in our hands this time next year!

Distant Realms 3

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