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Funded in 5 hours and 16 minutes (out of 32 days). 😀

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We’re live!

We’re live! Our latest book for the Call of Cthulhu roleplaying game by Chaosium Inc., , has launched on Kickstarter!
20+ one-shot modern era adventures of dark and gritty horror! For mature audiences.

12 more sleeps!

Only twelve more days to go before we launch our latest Kickstarter, Fear’s Sharp Little Needles, an anthology of modern horror scenarios for Chaosium’s Call of Cthulhuâ„¢ roleplaying game.

Dark and gritty, with few positive outcomes, this book features some of the best writers in Call of Cthulhu roleplaying today.

1. Separation Anxiety, by Jeff Moeller.
2. Undertow, by Simon Brake.
3. Sins of My Youth, by Oscar Rios.
4. Walter’s Final Wish, by Matt Wiseman & Jennifer Thrasher.
5. Whose Fuel is Men and Stones, by Jason Williams.
6. Pulvis Et Umbra Sumus, by Matthew Sanderson.
7. The Great God Awto, by Jo Kreil.
8. Spilsbury #9485, by Adam Gauntlett.
9. Lights Out, by Joe Trier.
10. Bone Deep, by Allan Goodall.
11. Do Not Call Up That Which You Cannot Put Down, by Brian Courtemanche.
12. Hit and Run, by Tyler Hudak.
13. Remaking the Hatteras Reef, by Andi Newton.
14. The Sores, by Helen Gould.
15. Up Jumped the Reaper, by Chad Bowser.
16. Resurrection, by Stuart Boon.
17. Waiting To Be Born, by Christopher Smith Adair.
18. Unland, by Scott Dorward.

More inspired by True Detective and Hannibal than Pulp Horror, these adventures involved mythos corruption of the Human psyche and many feature direct contact with entities from outside space and time.

Ideally suited to one evening’s play, they have been written with a compact adventure style and Keepers will need a minimum of preparation time before being able to run them. Each scenario will also have tags in the header image so they can make quick decisions on what to run and then deal with dinner, family, or relaxing before their players arrive.

So, head over to Kickstarter from the 27th of January and help us bring our very own particular brand of nightmare to you!